At recent national convening of the Communities Creating Healthy Environments initiative, I sat down with the executive director of the Praxis Project, Makani Themba Nixon to discuss the release of her latest collaborative effort, “Fair Game: A Strategy Guide for Racial Justice Communications in the Obama Era.”

While the publication first made an appearance at the 2010 US Social Forum, it continues to gain significance, relevance and meaning fresh off a mid-term election in which the right used race – or the left’s continued lack of willingness to talk race – as an aggressive, and ultimately successful, wedge strategy to gain influence over the policy agenda and direction of the country just two year’s after the election of the country’s first African American president.

In our free wheeling discussion, Makani touches on the importance of the publication, the idea of “market-based racism,” and a recipe for victory for a progressive racial justice narrative for social movements in the US and beyond.


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