From white supremacists in the White House to corporate takeovers of the internet, it’s been a challenging year to say the least. But, one thing was clear to us at CMJ: we knew we could count on you to fight by our side at every turn.

You helped us accomplish all of this and more in 2017:

  • Defending Net Neutrality laws — and continuing the fight as the battle moves to the courts and Congress!
  • Protecting people of color from social media spying, censorship, and harassment so that we can speak out against injustice and tell our stories online
  • Supporting digital security trainings across the country to ensure that racial justice activists have the tools to defend themselves from government surveillance
  • Speaking out against high-tech policing and technology — because algorithms, electronic monitors, and body cameras don’t solve police brutality and mass incarceration

To thank you for your inspiring support, we created art in your honor! Every day, you remind us that this statement is true: “Together, we are powerful. Together, we will win.”

Will you help us spread this message of hope and unity?

Share this original art designed by movement artist, Austin Greene, with your friends and family.

With your commitment and support, we know we’ll accomplish even more in the new year.

Ensure that communities of color have the power to communicate and organize for justice in 2018 by making a tax-deductible gift of $10.


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