Day 2 of the MAG-Net Anchors Retreat: Network Purpose and Governance  

(Trust me.  It’s a much sexier conversation than you would anticipate.)

The day began with a Cultural Spotlight on two anchors organization; Media Mobilizing Project and Main Street Project.  One of the most exciting aspects of being member of a network like MAG-Net is getting an opportunity to see the work of other organizations up close and personal.  It is truly invigorating.  I can already tell I will leave here more inspired than ever. 

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. Geniuses learn from other’s mistakes.” 

This was a quote consultant Lisa Yancey used ( I didn’t note who the quote was from) to begin to frame her findings from an indepth analysis of the Anchors’ Initiative.  The opportunity to have a consultant spend two days with an organization to dig into everything from financial practices to the governance plan is invaluable. Her analysis focused less on programming, which of course we all do well , and more on infrastructure, methods, process and resources.  

“We affect policy to shift power.”- Malkia Cyril, Executive Director of Center for Media Justice

This was a great segue way into discussing the function and purpose of MAG-Net. Five years into its existence, MAG-Net exponential growth and shifts in perspective is requiring a fresh look at things like mission and interaction with the membership.  What an exciting time for the network! 

After taking the afternoon to delve deeply into network structure, the membership model and governance, the Anchors worked in small groups to come up with recommendations to strenthen our governing body.  It was a special opportunity to affirm each other, our support of the network and the importance of the work of MAG-Net.

Sage Crump is Managing Director of Art is Change in Atlanta, Georgia.


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