by Sable Verity

As people of color we know beyond a shadow of a doubt the way we are portrayed in the media is more about stereotypes than truth. It’s not just news media but entertainment media as well. Those in control of the images and information we consume don’t care to accurately portray people of color, or see the importance in empowering said people to help paint the fuller picture–something the NAACP has historically battled against.

The internet on the other hand, is different. Sites like the FXP and its vast network of Black writers share perspectives, opinions and truths the consumer couldn’t get anywhere else. Ask yourself how you would feel if your internet service provider decided it didn’t like such sites, and prevented your access. What if we couldn't find online:

  • The Oscar Grant shooting video.
  • Video of military abuses overseas.
  • Voter registration information.
  • Access to family planning clinics.

This is why the debate over net neutrality is so important–and why the NAACP should rethink its stance on this important civil and human rights issue.

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