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Why is McDonald's one of the few places with free WiFi access? Organizations and individuals drawing the link between obesity and internet access have launched a new campaign calling on the Federal Communications Commission to expand free public internet access nation wide.

recent piece in the Wall Street Journal points out the wide use of public free internet hotspots at McDonald's and Starbucks locations. McDonald's alone has 12,000 plus locations with WiFi, and these locations fill a gap of free internet access for the third of low-income families without access at home.
For low-income, Black, Latino, and rural children, the consequences to their health are serious. Already at high risk for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, our children are trading their health for Internet access, and that's wrong. 
During Valentine's Day Week the Media Action Grassroots Network (MMP is a member group) and the Praxis Project have teamed up to use memes, twitter parties, and other social media strategies to urge the Federal Communications Commission to expand free public WiFi now. You can like and share the memes this week, and take 2 minutes to endorse a letter petitioning the Federal Communications Commission on the issue.
See the Facebook event from the Media Action Grassroots Network with full details.
As Media Rights & Access Organizer, Bryan supports Media Mobilizing Project's network of computer centers and digital literacy trainings with community partners. Bryan also works on state and national media policy advocacy with the Media Action Grassroots Network to create a ground-up approach to securing media rights and access.


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