Our Narrative Director Eteng Ettah alongside Allied Media Project’s Deputy Director Brenda Hernandez spoke with NPR’s podcast “Stateside” about the importance and impact of bringing Black and brown voices centerstage with AMP’s Seeds Fall Series.

“We’ve talked about the ways Black people have always been the earliest adopters of technology. It’s not surprising that on platforms like Vine, Black Twitter, TikTok— Black people [have used] those platforms first to connect with one another, to share jokes and humor, our lived experiences. It makes me think even back to the Civil Rights movement, how Black people used radio for organizing. This specific moment we’re in now, the ways we’ve seen Black people use  different internet platforms, is situated in a long legacy of Black people using all different types of media forms to connect, organize, to galvanize communities around different justice issues. It very much feels par for the course in the ways that Black people have always been very creative and innovative, and have taken the internet as a space for that creativity.”

“The internet is very much a celebration of Black culture, even though we are constantly thinking and navigating the way that the Internet can extract and profit off of our people.”

Eteng Ettah via NPR Statewide Podcast

Click here to listen to our segment, starting at 30:53!


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