A special guest blog by Marisol Archuleta from SouthWest Organizing Project’s El Grito blog.

“Burque art makes it all a little better…”
It’s something special when you have lived in a place long enough to know the quickest way to get anywhere, the best place for any type of food you might crave, or the finest spots in town to appreciate free art. I have been switching up my routes for years to drive, bike or walk by my favorite Burque murals. I know the artists behind some the murals and remember when many of the murals were first painted. These murals convey an artistic version of Burque history. They are a tribute to the talent in our city-free for anyone to take a moment to value. The public art in town displays the people and the stories experienced in the 505.

In the past few years, Albuquerque has made it a point to foster public art projects. Organizations like 516 Arts ( and Working Classroom ( have cultivated young artists and the beauty can be seen all around downtown. Our NM hip-hop family and other artistically inclined Burqueños have supplemented this work downtown with their art all around the other quadrants of Albuquerque.

Consider this blog my love letter to Burque art and the artists that created it. Many of these artists were not paid to create the art they did, or they were paid only in supplies and not for their time or talent. Bottom line, what you are about to see is a labor of love, and it colors our city attractive and enchanting. Thank you, Burque artists, for the beauty and life you bring to our city. Power to the artists!


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