Despite their pledge to keep America connected during a global pandemic, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) chose increased profit instead, leaving the digital divide wider than ever. MediaJustice Executive Director Steven Renderos explains in the Arizona Mirror why Biden’s latest broadband plan and the new Affordable Connectivity Program won’t be enough to ensure an internet connection is accessible to all, especially the most marginalized communities.

Renderos makes it clear that we cannot trust ISPs and empty promises to deliver equitable Internet access. We need a fully functional FCC with leaders who are accountable to ensuring every community has the access we all deserve:

While Internet Service Providers connect more affluent areas to faster speeds at lower prices, they leave families in low-income neighborhoods with slower broadband that is more expensive. From cities like Phoenix where 20% lack home broadband to rural areas like Apache County where 99% lack it, the digital divide is a major concern. The FCC is still one critical commissioner short until the U.S. Senate confirms Gigi Sohn to help the FCC address this long-standing problem. 

Steven Renderos via the Arizona Mirror


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