The Supreme Court’s recent rejection of Roe v. Wade signals open doors for a new era of racist criminalization and increased surveillance. MediaJustice Fellow James Kilgore explains the intersecting threat of anti-immigrant policing, high-tech prisons, and reproductive oppression in Reuters Foundation News:

“We’ve seen an explosion in recent years (of electronic monitoring),” he said, with more judges ordering such surveillance in lieu of incarceration to keep prison populations low during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People under such surveillance already struggle to access medical care, said Kilgore, as they have to request permission to travel to meet with doctors. Many fear they could be put back in prison, or pay the price in immigration proceedings, if they are caught traveling without prior approval.

Immigration authorities also increasingly rely on the technology to keep tabs on immigrants with cases pending before immigration courts.

-James Kilgore, via Reuters Foundation News


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