On January 20, the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net)  and Million Hoodies Movement for Justice hosted the Media Justice Salon, Body Cameras and Police Surveillance: Police Accountability or Harm?

Local police departments, municipalities and the federal government are dumping tremendous public resources into the acquisition of body worn cameras. These devices have yet to be proven to alter discriminatory behavior and police violence. For this Media Justice Salon, our presenters Stop LAPD Spying Coalition and Upturn shared what our communities can do to make their city governments embed transparency and civil rights principles that can limit the deployment of police body worn cameras.

Our featured speakers, Hamid Khan (Stop LAPD Spying Coalition) and Harlan Yu (Upturn),  answered network member questions on the impact of body worn cameras and other police surveillance technology and shared how community organizers can have power by using specific tools and strategies to organize communities on the ground.  We specifically learned about organizers in Los Angeles who took actions against body worn cameras and drones, as well as the national research being developed to track and understand the roll-out of body worn cameras.

If you missed Body Cameras and Police Surveillance: Police Accountability or Harm? Please check out the presentation recording and the resources shared by our speakers.

Important Resources on Body Cameras and Law Enforcement:

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Previously known as Digital Dialogues, Media Justice Salon’s are interactive webinars that highlight top line media and communication policy issues that impact our communities. Media Justice Salons are a great educational opportunity for network member organizations to learn more about critical media issues, connect with leaders in the field, and to find out how to take action.

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