donation buttonNo family should have to choose between Internet access and putting food on the table.

From homework assignments to job applications to staying connected to loved ones, most people can’t get through their day without the Internet.

But low-income families who can’t afford expensive Internet bills are being left behind.

That’s why I’m excited to share that, tomorrow, MAG-Net is putting pressure on DC lawmakers to make Internet access more affordable. Right now, Lifeline – a government program that helps low-income families afford telephone service – is outdated. We need to update Lifeline to include affordable Internet.

But if we don’t convince lawmakers to update Lifeline before they vote in March, millions of families will continue to suffer without essential Internet service. Will you pitch in $5 to put pressure on DC lawmakers?

Yes – I’ll pitch in $5 to help cover travel costs to DC and connect low-income families to the Internet.

It’s the most vulnerable families – low-income families, families of color, and rural families – that have the hardest time staying connected online. By making the Internet affordable for everyone, you can help these families access the opportunities the Internet provides, like job postings and online college courses.

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2016,  MAG-Net is teaming up with the National Hispanic Media Coalition to bring together myself and a team of 9 seniors, students, rural residents, and current Lifeline subscribers in DC. We will meet with policymakers to share how updating the Lifeline program will help fight economic inequality. This is our big opportunity to share solutions with the people in power and convince them to update Lifeline before they vote in March.

But some lawmakers want to keep Lifeline just the way it is: outdated. And we know an outdated Lifeline program means millions of families will be left without this vital service.

We can’t win this battle without your support. Will you chip in $5 to help us travel to DC to expand Internet access?

Yes – I’ll donate $5 to help expand affordable Internet access. Because everyone deserves to be connected.

In solidarity,

Steven Renderos, Senior Campaign Manager



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