James Kilgore’s report on Electronic Monitoring is heating up. Check out some of the great press below!

Prison Policy Blog

Named 1 of their favorite reports of 2015

Good Magazine

The only way you’re going to be rehabilitated by being on an electronic monitor,” he argues, “is if you have access to the things you need to rehabilitate—employment, housing, connections to the community.”

Privacy SOS

“You can be sent back to prison for getting back to your house five minutes late when the bus breaks down,” Kilgore said, naming just one of many strict release conditions that can make ankle bracelets seem like electronic recidivism devices.

The Daily Beast

“Most people automatically assume you’re a child molester when they see it,” continues Kilgore, who spent a year on an ankle bracelet after being released from federal prison, “and no one wants to employ someone with a big piece of plastic on their ankle.”


This report offers a critical assessment of electronic monitoring (EM) in the criminal justice system. The author, who spent a year on an ankle bracelet as a condition of his own parole, draws on his in-depth study of legislation, policies, contracts, and academic literature related to electronic monitoring.  The report rejects any simplistic rush to deploy electronic monitors as an alternative to incarceration.Instead, the document sets out critical conditions for EM to be a genuine alternative. Check out the report here.


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