At last week’s “Money for our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference” at Mills College in Oakland, California, Center for Media Justice hosted a dialog over lunch with media justice and media reform advocates to talk raising resources for media activism, production and strategic communications. Betty Yu and Karlos Gauna Schmieder facilitated the discussion.

One of the exciting takeaways was how folks were using a social enterprise model to supplement their grant making with foundations and other funds.

“At HOMEY, we have used [a social enterprise model] to keep us afloat and to ensure some political independence,” said Jose Luis Pavon, a long time bay area organizer currently with POWER in San Francisco. “By selling our silkscreens and other materials, we’re able to not only get the word out but also take stands on controversial issues without fear that we’ll lose funding.”

Check out and download the tip sheet below:

10 Tips for Raising Resources for Media


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