Media Justice 101 Part 2, facilitated by Steven Renderos, Executive Director at MediaJustice. At the turn of the 21st century, a new movement dubbed Media Justice was formed. At the time, media activists were fighting the consolidation of media from giant corporations like Viacom, Disney and Clear Channel. In the span of a decade, these media giants would be surpassed by a new class of monopoly power, Silicon Valley. These new tech giants rely on a business model centered on collecting every bit of data they can about you. This data has been used to target ads, fuel racists algorithms, and build powerful surveillance tools like facial recognition software. Racial disparities our communities face offline in policing, education, housing, etc are shifting online. Join us to learn how the MediaJustice movement has evolved beyond media representation to challenge the technological giants that are shaping communication in our world today. Come discuss movement building in the internet age, as we continue to fight for access and against surveillance. Click here to watch the recording.


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