Human beings, despite the complex socially constructed reality we have created around us, are pretty simple creatures.

As my mom always told me, and as my co-worker Malkia Cyril always reminds me, our core motivations are safety and belonging.

So it confounds me when asked what the 99percenters want, and why it’s spreading so fast.

It’s simple. We want homes, healthcare and jobs. This is what safety and belonging means in this time of political, environmental and economic transition.

We also know why we’re struggling for these three basic needs: a corporate takeover of our public wealth and government. More specifically, a financial system that is set up to benefit the richest one percent.

So, I’ve been toying with this equation around what makes something “viral,” what makes ideas and movements spread in today’s fast paced media world.

Action “I” or “you” verb + Timeliness + Deep cultural/historical significance + Distribution power  = Viral.

So let’s break that down, and remember we all want to belong to a community.

Action verb: Occupy.

Timelines: Um, yeah, pretty timely. We are in a deep debate about the direction of the country. About what role corporations, government and civil society have to play in our lives.

Deep cultural/historical/political significance: The uncertainty of our future, of the safety of our families and friends, and a longing to build real community is shared across cultures, race, class, geography.

Distribution Power: Adbusters, the new way our social networks can be tapped, plus 99 percent is a pretty big distribution network.

So there you have it, what we want, why we are so big, and why this movement will keep spreading.

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