February 11, 2014 | Online

Communications Webinar: “Framing for Justice”

Featured Practitioner: Charlotte Ryan

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 – 10am PST/1p EST



The ability to effectively frame debates play a crucial role in mobilizing social movements and securing key justice wins.  In this session, learn the basics of how to frame key issues and get tips on how to effectively tell the story of racial discrimination and economic justice, while uplifting solutions that work for your community.

About Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan

Prior to becoming a sociologist, Charlotte Ryan worked as an organizer in labor, community, health and anti-intervention movements. She teaches environmental sociology, participatory communication, as well as collaborative and field-based research methods at UMASS-Lowell where she is affiliated with the Center for Family, Work and Community.

Ryan authored Prime Time Activism (South End Press) and, with MRAP veterans, David Croteau and William Hoynes, she co-edited Rhyming Hope and History: Activists, Academics and Social Movement Scholarship (UMINN 2005).

She collaborates with regional and national social movement organizations working to integrate movement and communication strategies. Her current popular writing project is An Activist’s Guide to Frame Analysis. Her current research involves documenting and analyzing the development of a ten-year scholar-activist partnership.


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