Join the Media Action Grassroots Network as we use Twitter to urge health and technology reporters to cover free public WiFi as the healthiest option for our children. Valentine's Day (Thursday, Feb. 14) from 10am -11am PST – follow the #NotLovinIt and #MediaJustice.  See below for a list of reporters and suggested Tweets.

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@thinkprogress – Tweets by @JuddLegum w/ @OkieCaitlin 


@ceciliakang – Tech Reporter for @washingtonpost

Brooks Boliek @technocowboy @Politico



Suggested Tweets


Internet access shouldn't come w/ a side of fries.  #NotLovinIt

95% of districts report that teachers use web pages to provide info to students. Kids shouldn’t rely on McDonalds for wifi #NotLovinIt

35% of people making less than $25,000 have Internet at home.  Have to go to McDonalds for wifi.  #NotLovinIt

Rural areas deserve the ability to build community wireless & not rely on McDonald's wifi #openspectrum #NotLovinIt  

There are 12,000 McDonalds that offer free wifi.  How about an option with less calories? #NotLovinIt



A student's homework shouldn't come w/ a side of fries. #NotLovinIt

87% of urban libraries report not having enough computers to meet demand and kids must rely on McDonalds for wifi. #NotLovinIt

45% of Libraries in California have reduced their operating hours.  McDonalds Free Wifi Open Late.  #NotLovinIt

In Harrison, Mich., the local library is a lifeline for people without home Internet. But it is usually closed by 6 p.m. #NotLovinIt

96% of schools say teachers assign homework that requires the Internet. Too many kids rely on McDonalds for internet access #NotLovinIt



38% of Latino & 36% of Black children are struggling w/ weight.   Why is McDonalds their only option for free wifi? #NotLovinIt

40% of McDonalds advertising focused on children.  #NotLovinIt

2/3 of overweight kids get +50% of calories from fat&have at least 1 cardiovascular risk factor. Too many rely on Mcdonalds wifi #NotLovinIt

McDonalds serves free Wifi with a side of diabetes and high cholesterol.  #NotLovinIt

Communities shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice health & wellbeing to connect to essential communications services #NotLovinIt


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