Bay Area activists (including MediaJustice’s Steven Renderos), filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court, claiming Clearview AI has “illicitly” and “illegally” collected more than three billion photos of “unsuspecting individuals,” giving it a database nearly seven times bigger than the FBI’s. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Alameda County activists Steven Renderos, Valeria Rojas, Reyna Maldonado and Lisa Knox, plus community groups Mijente Support Committee and NorCal Resist Fund. The suit claims that Clearview has provided thousands of governments, government agencies, and private entities access to its database, which they can use to identify people with dissident views, monitor their associations, and track their speech. Its mass surveillance technology disproportionately harms immigrants and communities of color.

Read the full article in The Mercury News, featuring Steven Renderos, MediaJustice Executive Director and an individual plaintiff in the lawsuit.


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