On November 30, the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) hosted a Media Justice Salon, Telling Untold Stories: How Documentary Film Shapes New Racial Narratives. We discussed the power of documentary films as a tool to shape new narratives through a racial lens and support our movements foruntold-stories-w-logo justice. Ava DuVernay’s recent documentary, “13TH” is a prime example of the power of film. 13TH dismantles the popular belief that slavery ended with the adoption of the 13th Amendment and through the voices of experts and impacted communities, reveals how the condition of slavery for African-Americans merely shifted from shackles to handcuffs. That is the power of film: to expose untold truths and place new storytellers at the center of our understanding of the world we live in.

During the Salon, our invited guests from ARRAY, Media Mobilizing Project, and Working Films went deeper into the role of documentaries in building new narratives that support our movements for racial equity. Together, we learned more about approaches and interventions to the creative process, distribution models, and organizing that turns documentaries into powerful tools for change.  

If you missed Telling Untold Stories, make sure to check out the presentation recording and learn more about our featured host and guest speakers:

Want to read more about this topic? Check out the list of resources that came out of the conversation.

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Previously known as Digital Dialogues, Media Justice Salons are interactive webinars that highlight top line media and communication policy issues that impact our communities. Media Justice Salons are a great educational opportunity for network member organizations to learn more about critical media issues, connect with leaders in the field, and find out how to take action. Want to learn more about how your organization can join an upcoming Media Justice Salon? Please contact Angella Bellota, Membership Organizer: [email protected]


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