Power U is a grassroots organization based in Miami, Florida; fighting for our land, our people, our community; organizing for justice in our schools and communities; supporting the struggle of social, environmental, and economic justice.

Founded in 1998, Power University was formed to build an organizing base around urban issues in low-income inner-city neighborhoods. As a Communities Creating Healthy Environments grantee, Power U has focused on advocacy to address childhood obesity in the historic African American community of Overtown in Miami.

This breakthrough project centered on policy change to increase breastfeeding and institutional support for breastfeeding (workplace, clinics, hospitals, etc.) – a key, evidence based intervention to reduce childhood obesity. Other objectives include leveraging Sustainable Community Benefits Agreements (SCBAs) to increase local access to food and recreation; and a restorative justice policy in Miami public schools to limit detention and increase access to recreation alternatives

This month is National Breastfeeding support CCHE #healthyhoods champion Power U in their work in raising awareness locally and nationally.  Check out their website here.


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