The Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) has made an inspiring film – Groundwork: Justice in the Birthplace of America – directed by Milena Velis. People need to see this film. As MAG-Net we want to support our partners and we need your help!

Grassroots organizers, potential organizers, and members of the extended community working on different issues need to see this film and they need to see it together. That’s what Groundwork is all about — how our struggles are interconnected and how we can stand up together.

For 10 years MMP has been bringing people together to help them tell their stories. They help communities – splintered and fractured – fighting for single issues see the intersections of their struggles. Education, poverty, racism, climate change, democracy, immigration, police brutality, gender discrimination, access to health care, access to the internet, safe water – all of these issues are interconnected. These are the issues facing poor & working people in the US.

Together, we’re laying the groundwork for a social movement to secure a bright future for poor & working people in this country. Please help MMP show this film – tap your networks. The sky is really the limit. If we raise $30,000 or $50,000 we’ll take Groundwork to more places. 


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