Law enforcement’s ability to surveil our communities and collect our information is rapidly expanding. New government surveillance efforts and predictive policing programs are popping up constantly and being justified in the name of protecting public safety. Yet nearly all information about how these tools are used is withheld from the public, and agencies refuse to disclose who is targeted and why.

For communities of color that have long been the primary targets of surveillance, these programs threaten to further criminalize our speech and our right to dissent.

Thankfully, organizers across the nation have developed an array of tactics to expose the truth about high tech policing and challenge its expansion. Join us on June 26th to learn why Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have become so central to this work.

During this webinar we’ll be chatting with Rend Smith from Working Narratives, Hamid Khan from Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, and Matt Cagle from the ACLU of Northern California to discuss how filing for a FOIA request – and demanding the public release of information – has helped expose the realities of surveillance programs and informed next steps for leaders on the ground.

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