Amazon’s top spokesperson, Jay Carney, has longstanding ties to Joe Biden and many are wondering if his administration can be tough enough on Big Tech. Antitrust reform, stronger privacy standards, and a renewed push for workers’ rights are just a few of the issues that could be on the new administration’s agenda—and with Democrats in control of Congress, lawmakers could revive attempts to regulate facial recognition technology and establish a federal privacy law. In our continued fight for racial justice, MediaJustice and our allies are calling on the Biden administration to ban the use of facial recognition technology by police, which disproportionately harms our communities. MediaJustice Campaign Strategies Director Myaisha Hayes talks to CNBC’s Annie Palmer.

“Amazon, along with other Silicon Valley companies, are raking in billions of dollars by selling this really dangerous tool to law enforcement. We’re hoping that with this administration we can convince more members of Congress to take police tech surveillance really seriously.”

Myaisha Hayes via CNBC


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