“Liberal” (yes, those are air quotes) Hollywood hosted its annual Academy Awards last night. “The Oscars,” as it’s more commonly known, is one of the most hyped and watched cultural events in America. It is the time of year when the Academy tells the world what’s hot and what’s not in cinema and film. And as Bertolt Brecht once said: “[Film] is not a mirror to reflect reality, it’s a hammer with which we shape it.”

So we decided to look around the social media world and check out what people were saying about this year’s Oscars. What did they see? Turns out, a lot of folks noticed something. It was one of the whitest Oscars in years. An LA Times blogger even called it a night of “unbearable whiteness.

Peep the social media screen shot round up below, and send us your best twitter and other social media #mediajustice #oscar screenshots and we’ll embed ’em right here!


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