Racial justice activists argue that the upcoming Mark Burnett-produced series perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Advocacy groups are calling on MGM Television to cancel upcoming series “Ring Nation.”

However, now more than 40 racial justice, privacy rights, and worker advocacy organizations are calling on Poznick and MGM Television Chairman Mark Burnett to cancel the series. Per the official letter, the “Cancel Ring Nation” campaign “sounds the alarm about the dangerous precedent MGM is setting in normalizing and promoting Amazon’s harmful network of surveillance cameras.”

Non-profit Fight for the Future, Media Justice, Alternate ROOTS, Athena, Center for Race and Digital Justice, For Us Not Amazon, The Surveillance, Tech & Immigration Policing Project at the Immigrant Defense Project, and WITNESS are among the signees for the open letter.

Read the full article in IndieWire.

“We cannot ignore the facts about ‘Ring Nation’: this is an Amazon-owned studio producing a comedy show about Amazon’s own dangerous surveillance product.”

Myaisha Hayes, Campaign Strategies Director at MediaJustice


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