A coalition of nearly 250 advocacy groups sent a letter Friday urging U.S. Senate leaders to quickly confirm Democratic nominee Gigi Sohn as the fifth commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission following a year of relentless attacks on the open internet champion from telecom giants and right-wing media outlets.

“We call on the Senate to give the consideration that is due to this highly qualified individual, who has dedicated her career to ensuring consumers have access to communications services available to everybody, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, geography, or political viewpoint,” the letter states. “Her life’s work is the embodiment of the FCC’s mission, and we simply cannot [allow] a less than fully functioning FCC to persist any longer.”

“The FCC needs a full commission as it begins to deliberate on upcoming critical decisions that will have profound impacts on the economy and the American people.”

the coalition, which includes consumer protection and civil rights organizations such as Fight for the Future and MediaJustice

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