On Monday, August 25th we filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission signed by 65 social justice groups, and consumer advocates calling on the FCC to block the Comcast-Time Warner merger.  Over The letter outlines the harm the $45 billion merger would have on cable customers, community media, and the future of the Internet. As the letter states:

“A merger between the nation’s two largest cable companies would inevitably lead to unprecedented gatekeeper control over our nation’s telecommunications and media landscape. It would mean higher prices and fewer choices for broadband users and cable customers. It would put too much control over the future of the Internet and our communications infrastructure in one company’s hands and would negatively impact diversity in ownership and content. “

The Center for Media Justice alongside our allies at Common Cause, Free Press, Media Mobilizing Project, and Consumers Union drafted and filed the letter.  Check out some of the news coverage that mentions our efforts:


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