D. J. Hudson is the Digital Organizer at MediaJustice, and comes to the organization through the Kairos Fellowship 2019 cohort. Born and raised in the South, D. J. currently lives and organizes in Nashville, TN. They bring to MediaJustice twelve years of organizing experience, a passion for exploring the growing edges of social movements, and a desire to see the agency and dignity of BIPOC people centered in the growth of the digital world and its impacts. D. J. roots their digital organizing in a radical curiosity that seeks innovative ways to build movements and expand their capacity online. They’re also committed to naming and disrupting the harm done by powerful tech companies and their collusion with state power that disproportionately affects Black, brown, transgender, poor and working class communities. 

A former librarian, D. J. loves to find new ways to expand access to knowledge and information for all, and exploring how our relationship to information can transform isolation, reclaim people’s histories of resistance, and make joining that resistance seem possible, if not irresistible. They draw as much from the science fiction works of Octavia Butler and N. K. Jemisin as they do the research of Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker to guide and ground their thinking. They are proud to have been a part of many fights for justice in the South, including winning a Community Oversight Board for Nashville in 2018, helping found Nashville’s chapter of Black Lives Matter in 2015, and currently launching an #EndMoneyBail campaign alongside their local Southerners On New Ground crew. 


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